CWESt releases statement on Wisconsin Senate passage of SB-185


The Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship (CWESt) has worked diligently for the last 2 years to try to craft wind siting legislation that would respect property rights and lead to wise regulatory decisions. We have put forth numerous suggestions and turned out hundreds for public hearings to express our concerns.

SB 185 does not represent a compromise or reasonable approach to wind siting.

While we appreciate the efforts of many Senators to amend or rework the bill, there still exist several problem areas that need to be addressed.

1 – The bill gives local governments no power to require that wind developers have done their homework, or are even in a position to build the project. Developers should be required to conduct the same Environmental Assessment that larger projects do and should have to show proof of financial capacity to complete the project.

2 – The bill contains no provision to protect landowners’ property rights. CWESt released a scientific study last week that shows property values decline 30-40% in the area adjacent to a wind development. This represents a “taking” of a person’s property without their consent. The bill should allow local governments the ability to force developers to compensate neighbors for their losses.

3 – Right now developers can, and have, violated the existing regulations with impunity as local citizens have no easy process to rectify the problem. For example, a woman in Fond du Lac County has a turbine 850’ from her home, when the requirement is to be at 1000’. Under existing laws and SB 185, she has no recourse short of suing the wind developer, potentially costing her thousands of dollars, just to get what is legally her right. This bill should put in place a simple process to enforce the rules that developers have agreed to.

Although we still feel very strongly that local governments should maintain some degree of local control over land use decisions, CWESt has offered the above recommendations in the spirit of compromise. We hope the State Assembly will address these concerns.

Please feel free to contact our representative for more information: Bob Welch at 608-819-0150.

Click here to download the press release in PDF format.

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New study shows wind farms significantly decrease property values

New study shows decrease in property values

New study shows decrease in property values

A new study by Appraisal Group One shows a significant decrease in property values of homes in and around wind farms. Click the image to the right to download the full report.

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Recent report ties wind turbine noise to potential health problems

By Lynda Barry (

July 22, 2009

“There can be no doubt that groups of industrial wind turbines (“wind farms”) generate sufficient noise to disturb the sleep and impair the health of those living nearby,” states Dr. Christopher Hanning in a recent report titled “Sleep Disturbance and Wind Turbine Noise.”

Founder of the Leicester Sleep Disorders Service, which is the longest standing and largest service of its kind in Great Britain, Dr. Christopher Hanning’s work in the area of sleep disorders has spanned thirty years. He currently chairs the advisory panel of the SOMNIA study, a major project investigating sleep quality in the elderly.

Read the full article here [+]
Download the full study here [+ PDF]

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WNEM TV-5: The True Cost Of Wind

WNEM TV-5 out of Huron County, Michigan recently aired an interesting story regarding wind farms in Michigan. Click here [+] or on the image to watch the video on the WNEM website.

The True Cost of Wind

The True Cost of Wind

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Press release from Lynda Barry sent statewide.

Lynda Barry ( [+] sent recently sent out a press release of an interview with Ann and Jason Wirtz. The couple were forced to leave their home due to the whining of the 86 industrial wind turbines located near their house.

Click here to download the press release in PDF format or click the “more” link to read the press release here. › Continue reading

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Interesting photos

These photos were taken in Wisconsin and demonstrate the importance of proper wind turbine siting. Photos courtesy of Lynda Barry.

FDL County Farm

FDL County Farm

FDL County Farm

FDL County Farm

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New video for distribution to legislators.

We have edited a few of the videos on the site for a “Best Of” style video. This video highlights the important points regarding wind turbine siting; noise, shadow flicker and distance. We plan on sending a press release with a link to the video in order to spread the word.

We have posted the video below and in the Videos section of the site.

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New videos have been added

We have added some great new videos in the video section. Included, we have a video by Larry Wunsch documenting the shadow flicker created by nearby wind turbines in the Forward Energy Wind Farm Project near Horicon Marsh. We also have a story by Fox 6 about the 88 turbine farm in Fond du Lac county and the famous clip of the Danish turbine that exploded turing heavy winds due to a defective braking system.


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Welcome to the CWESt News Center

Check back here for the latest news.

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