Don’t you like renewable energy?
and other questions we hear …

Q. Don’t you like renewable energy?
A. Efficient renewable energy sources – well researched and properly sited – could be of great benefit. Our problem with wind development is that it is inefficient, improperly sited and largely driven by investor interest which will hurt consumers.

Q. Isn’t this just “Not In My Back Yard” talk?
A. We consider it Out of Sight-Out of Mind by those decision makers (such as in Madison) who live far from the results of their decisions. Who is better to speak out about developments than those who might have them in their midst? We feel that our, and your, property rights to a healthy and safe environment are rights worth defending. We do not believe that one segment of society should be unfairly burdened for the perceived — but unreal — benefits to the rest.

Q. I read that each turbine is rated at 1.5 megawatts. Don’t you think that’s energy we could use?
. Unfortunately, the rated capacity of a turbine and what it actually produces are different. In real life, a wind turbine produces approximately 21%* of its rated capacity on a yearly basis (*WPS report on 14 turbines in Kewaunee County, 2006-2007). Would you buy a car that only worked 21% of the time?

Q. Isn’t wind free? Something to take advantage of?
A. The only ones being taken advantage of are us, the taxpayers. If you loved Big Oil’s tax breaks and huge subsidies, you’ll be thrilled with the deals for wind. Today’s wind developments are being built more for tax avoidance and pollution credits or offsets than to provide energy. With wind’s unreliability, stable natural gas, coal and nuclear plants must continue to be online to provide backup.

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