Recent report ties wind turbine noise to potential health problems

By Lynda Barry (http://betterplan.squarespace.com/)

July 22, 2009

“There can be no doubt that groups of industrial wind turbines (“wind farms”) generate sufficient noise to disturb the sleep and impair the health of those living nearby,” states Dr. Christopher Hanning in a recent report titled “Sleep Disturbance and Wind Turbine Noise.”

Founder of the Leicester Sleep Disorders Service, which is the longest standing and largest service of its kind in Great Britain, Dr. Christopher Hanning’s work in the area of sleep disorders has spanned thirty years. He currently chairs the advisory panel of the SOMNIA study, a major project investigating sleep quality in the elderly.

Read the full article here [+]
Download the full study here [+ PDF]

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WNEM TV-5: The True Cost Of Wind

WNEM TV-5 out of Huron County, Michigan recently aired an interesting story regarding wind farms in Michigan. Click here [+] or on the image to watch the video on the WNEM website.

The True Cost of Wind

The True Cost of Wind

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Press release from Lynda Barry sent statewide.

Lynda Barry (http://betterplan.squarespace.com/) [+] sent recently sent out a press release of an interview with Ann and Jason Wirtz. The couple were forced to leave their home due to the whining of the 86 industrial wind turbines located near their house.

Click here to download the press release in PDF format or click the “more” link to read the press release here. › Continue reading

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Interesting photos

These photos were taken in Wisconsin and demonstrate the importance of proper wind turbine siting. Photos courtesy of Lynda Barry.

FDL County Farm

FDL County Farm

FDL County Farm

FDL County Farm

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